The short version:

Let me start by saying, I'm here to connect and change lives! I know, I know, right out the gates! If you look at my credentials then you'll see that I'm well educated (Bachelor's in English and a Master's in Higher Education) and I've written and edited many different items (check Amazon). However, my calling to turn people into amazing writers entails connecting with them, changing how they see and use words, and allowing myself to be inspired by them.

I'm a city girl from the sunny state of Florida. I spend most of my time traveling and making my life a little adventure for my entertainment. I love God, and I'm just as passionate about Him as I am about words! I'm blessed to do what I love every day, teach in some way. I believe I can not be an effective teacher without learning. So I spend a lot of my free time learning from others.

Currently, I live in China with the support of my amazing fiancé.