Developmental Edit

COST: $0.12 per every 10 words

  • I will read your manuscript and offer constructive criticism to help you to achieve a more cohesive, intriguing, and structured work. I will focus on the overall theme and structure, sound, logic, order & flow, clarity, and grammar. I will not make grammatical changes, but I will suggest where changes are needed.

  • I will focus on the language of your document and identify any weak spots, and needed details to enhance your story. If your manuscript has characters, their development will be focused on, as well.

  • When performing a developmental edit, I will make minor changes to the manuscript. I will be leaving comments in the margins for the author to make changes.

Copy Edit

COST: $0.14 per every 10 words

  • Copy editing includes making changes to the diction, voicing, clarity, structure, concise language, and more. I will make sure everything “sounds good” but is still grammatically correct. I will eliminate repeated words, correct any misspelled words, insert appropriate punctuation, and correct other grammatical errors.

  • I will not make overarching changes that take away from what the author is trying to say or make any changes that change the goals of the manuscript. My goal is always to maintain the content that the author provides.

  • All changes are tracked via “track changes” in Microsoft Word; the author can reject any of the changes that I make

Developmental & Copy Edit (recommended)

COST: $0.19 per every 10 words

  • This is a combined service of a complete developmental and line edit. This is the most vigorous edit you will receive for the best value.

Please note: this is editing is done in two rounds. The first round is developmental. After that, the manuscript will be sent back to the author for changes to be completed. Upon receiving the updated document, line editing will be done.


COST: $1.50 per word document page

  • Proofreading includes the front and back covers and everything in between. This is a light copy edit and only recommended after the book has been edited. This step is to catch anything missed in the editing process and make sure your book is ready to be published.

**Please Note:

  • Editing services DO NOT include designing the layout of your manuscript.

  • All manuscripts must be sent in a Word Document or Pages file.

  • Please avoid sending a formatted manuscript for editing. Changes will result in shifts throughout the book, and page numbers or spacing may be off.

  • All changes are tracked and can be accepted or rejected by the author. The final changes must be accepted or rejected by the author or the print version will show all changes and comments made.

Payment Terms

After I receive your manuscript, I will calculate the total cost of the project, and I will send you a projected time frame of completion. Half of the total price will be due upfront. Upon completion, the project will be sent back to you, and the 2nd half will be due.