Starting A Blog: The Basics

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I get this message a lot, "I want to start a blog but I don't know how." Most of the people that send me this message have been thinking about starting a blog for a long time. Fear of the unknown is always the number one factor in why they never start one. I cannot dissipate fear all together but I can provide some basic guidance that will help getting started a little easier.

1. Why do you want to start a blog? This is the most important question. Even if the answer is, "God told me to start one." there is a reason behind it. That reason is what will push you into starting and continuing when you don't want to. The why is your motivation. Your blog can be about anything under the sun but you still need a reason why you are doing this. Your reason behind this should be personal. If you don't know why you want to blog but you have a strong desire to blog then have some quiet time with God so that he may reveal your why to you.

2. How does your blog benefit other people? Now that you know why you want to start a blog, figure out how it helps your readers. Even gossip blogs are helpful. They help nosey people stay in other people's business. Some of my friends want to write about their experiences. So I ask them, "are you writing to vent or to help someone else by telling them your business". The God-to-honest truth is, if you want to vent then you can get a journal and do that. The internet is already plagued with meaningless blogs because people thought it was a good idea to randomly start a blog. I am not a writing expert to give random advice. I am here to help you find your purpose in writing and that purpose will always be beneficial to another soul. 

3. Research the blog platform you want to use. I used Some of my friends use,, or No site is better than the other but they all have unique features that cater to their users. If you don't know which one is for you then pick the simplest one and go from there. You may have to change your platform later but that's not today's concern.

4. Before you go live have 3-5 post already written. You also need to also make a schedule for when you will write and when you will post. Try to stick to it as best as you can. One post is not enough. Your readers will want more and you should have more to give them when you first go live. My advice is to go live with 3-5 post at one time. This will give your readers enough material to read until it's time for you to post another one. 

5. DO NOT worry about how other people will respond. Giving your readers what they want is completely different from worrying about them being interested in what you are writing. If God told you to start a blog then your job is to start a blog. The right people, the ones who your blog is meant to reach, will come. Somebody is not going to like what you say. Another person won't even care about what you right. Those people are not your concern. Don't let those people discourage you. You will always be great in your gift as long as you keep your focus on doing what God told you to do. 

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