4 Practical Ways to Become A Better Writer


Nothing happens overnight however some things can happen very quickly. Becoming an amazing writer will always take years and years of practice, however, these 4 tips will increase your skills right away. 

1. Read - I know, being a writer can take up a lot of time and so can every other aspect of your life. However, you're a grown up and you should be writing at a grown-up level. As an English teacher, I always tell my students and parents to read! They say they don't have any homework, I say they can always pick up a book. I say this because at a very early age I learned that reading expanded my vocabulary. When I wrote, I put my sentences together better because I was used to reading things that made sense. You cannot be a lover of writing and then tell me that you hate to read. The two literally go hand in hand. Make it a goal to read 4 books this year. That's one a quarter. If you want to be an amazing writer then make the time to become one. 

2. Write for other people - Last year, I was a guest writer for a couple different sites. One of them sent me back my article 3 times to make corrections. The best part about their process was that they gave me tips on how to make my article better each time. Yes, my article was tailored for their site, however, I still use the tips they gave all the time. Something as simple as, "go into more detail so the reader truly understands what you're saying" goes a long way. When other people look at our works they can provide of with constructive criticism. They think, see, and read the world differently. Sometimes their opinion on something we write is all we need to go from great to amazing!

3. Proofread - It sounds like common sense but I assure you it is not. I read stuff all the time and the first thing I wonder does this person proofread at all. Half of the errors we have can be corrected by proofreading our writings at least once. Bad grammar sticks out like a sore thumb and we think a lot faster than we write. This opens the door for us to misspell and leave a few keywords out of sentences. If we don't proofread then we don't catch the small errors we have made and we miss the opportunity to grow in our writings. Grammarly is a free resource that will help with that.

4. Utilize resources that are out there to help you be a better writer - Google is your friend. They don't even charge you to use their services. When in doubt, search everything. I look up the meaning of words all the time. I search comma usage, quotation marks, facts, quotes, or anything else I want to add to my writing. I research because I'm not trying to misinform my audience. Once I publish my book, it's out there. The last thing I'm trying to do is get a comment saying I misspelled the name of a famous poet. We write to inform and entertain. However, we don't know everything. If we approach everything we write with that in mind then we will always be open to receiving what the universe is sending our way. God gave us this gift and it's up to us to refine it. 

Britt DiorComment