4 Things I Learned From Hosting A Networking Brunch


On June 10th, I held my first networking brunch. I called it Brunch With Britt! It was amazing! I created it to be an intimate gathering but a purposeful one. We talked, we played games, we got to know one another, and we had some really amazing food! Prior to the brunch, I got a few "I can't make it" calls so I worked really hard at keeping my emotions together. I wanted it to be small and intimate so I only invited 14 people. Not all of those 14 people were able to make it but because I planned it so far in advance I was able to fill the spots. The brunch was beautiful and everyone had a great time, however, there is always room for improvement. This post isn't about the things that I could have done better because next year I get to improve those things. I've learned that blessings are lessons as well. The things I learned from my brunch are lifetime lessons that I will carry with me in everything I do. These are the lessons I want to share.

1. The people who are supposed to be there will be there. Okay listen, I've heard this before and I believed it before. Until it came time for me to host something. 14 people confirmed their attendance. Days before the event I was getting text messages about how excited they were to come. I sent out reminder emails and everything. 7 people showed up. Some people did text me while others were simply no-shows. Prior to my event, I had to do a pep talk because I was thoroughly disappointed. I had been taught to invite double the people because only half would show up but somehow I felt that rule didn't apply to my brunch. The beautiful souls who attended were perfect. They made the brunch spectacular and they got out of it what they needed to get out of it. At the end of the brunch, I wasn't worried about the people that didn't show up because I know that God had put those 7 people in place, at that moment, on purpose. My brunch was for them and them only.

2. Friendship is essential. Not that surface-level friendship, but the friendship that sticks with you when you are stressing in the middle of the night. The friends that randomly text you and ask if you are prepared for your brunch. The friends that don't mind stopping to pick up ice on their way because you forgot!! *Praise Break* Those friends. One of my friends is a new business owner so of course, I invited her to my brunch. Weeks before the brunch, she would randomly text me about my brunch. She was just checking in but also low-key reminding me to get to work if I hadn't already. The morning of my brunch she called me to tell me she was on the way and said the magic words, "Do you need anything before I get there?" She is constantly asking this question to me and to other people. I try not to need anything but to know that you have that one person that will go the extra mile for you, even if it's out of their way or puts them behind schedule, is a beautiful feeling. I'm blessed to have a few of these gems in my circle. 

3. Do the best that you know how to and leave the rest up to God. I planned the whole brunch out. I knew what games I wanted to play, what order I wanted everything to go in, and even what type of open discussion I wanted to induce. For the most part, everything went according to plan. However, I was a nervous wreck during the planning stage. I was worried that my games might be trivial or not creative enough. I knew some of my attendees went to networking events often, that's how I met them. I didn't want them to get to my event and feel like it was just okay. I pushed through but the comparison thief was definitely stealing my joy. At the end of the event, I had no complaints only praises, and I learned that as long as I do my best God will open up the hearts and minds for others to receive it.

4. Leave room for laughter. I'm an author who is always always always writing. However, my spelling is basura. I have never been a good speller and I make no apologies for it. We live in a technologically advanced world where I can google any word I need. Plus I own a dictionary because I know I can't spell. Well, I created a Snapchat filter and labels and spelled " inaugural" wrong. I don't know what happened but nobody caught it and off to print it went! I was thoroughly embarrassed. There was nothing I could do about it or the forgotten items, or the time running way over, so I just laughed. I laughed but I learned. 

In short, my first brunch was wonderful and I'm excited about next year's brunch. 

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