One-Way Ticket to China

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Geez, I haven’t written a post in over a year. My last post was probably around the time that my writing mojo started to diminish. Sad… but sometimes it’s reality. I’m not even sure what happened. I love writing. Even on my hardest days ( and some days are extremely hard), I still love it. I can’t say that I have picked my writing back up, because if we’re honest… I have not. However, I am a believer in practicing what I teach and I know there is no better way to get back on track than to start writing again. There also is no better time than now.

So to the point of this post. In a little less than 2 weeks, I am moving to China. For at least a year. If it’s really amazing then I may just stay for 2 years. We’ll see. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to live somewhere else. Another country somewhere else. I would have taken a few months abroad but I never looked into it while I was in college. So here I am, 7 months into being 30, and I all of a sudden (well 4 months ago) decided I wanted to live somewhere else. I love where I live but I think my year has been so crazy that I’ve been yearning for a change. A big change. Although I didn’t teach this past school year, I already have my teaching license. So I figured that moving to teach for a year would be the easiest and cheapest way to skip town. Boy, was I wrong. (insert facepalm emoji)

Cheap? Yea. Everything I’ve spent, I’ll be reimbursed and apparently living over there is inexpensive compared to here. Easy? Not a chance. To give you an idea, I got hired at the beginning of April. I had to go through what seemed like leaps and bounds just to get my work permit. If any of you know anything about traveling to a country where you need a visa then you know it’s not easy. I needed the work permit in order to get my visa. I just ( yesterday just) turned in my visa application. All goes well, I’ll have my visa next week. I’m set to leave the week after. A week before my job officially starts. Again, I got hired in April. 

At this point, it doesn’t matter if moving to China will be the greatest or worst experience of my life (hoping for great here)! The getting there process has been rewarding because it stretched me in ways I wasn’t prepared to be stretched. 

Here’s what I gained:

  1. I’m more patient now than I’ve ever been. I’m not just patient with waiting but I’m patient with people. When we do anything, something or someone is bound to go wrong. It’s life. But we must dig deep inside ourselves and really contemplate how we will react. Is losing our sanity going to make it better? Probably not. It might feel good, but more than likely you’ll be more frustrated and so will the people involved. Every time I thought I had a door open, it turned out to be the wrong door and I had to start over. This new found patience allowed me to start over, but will a calm mind so that I can see what I did not see before. Practice your patience. The outcome will be worth it. 

  2. My doubt pushed me closer to God. I’ve never liked the saying, “if you’re going to pray don’t worry, and if you worry don’t pray.” I get it, but I think it’s dumb. I’m human. Worry is a natural response when things aren’t easy. However, because I have a relationship with God I know that I can pray for him to help me to not worry. So many things went wrong during this process that I worried it would fail, and I wouldn’t be going to China. So I started praying more and really trying to leave it in God’s hands. I learned that the obstacles (as aggravating as they were) were reminders that sometimes goals are not so easy to reach. I had a choice to keep going or to give up. The only person that was going to let me know what to do when the road got rocky, was God. Had I not prayed because I was worrying, I would not have known that God was just strengthening my persistence. So even if you worry… still, pray. God does not love you less. Just ask for help to not worry. 

  3. I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to. I made a goal to move to China and I pushed through it. I literally looked up and it’s the end of the summer, and now it’s time for me to leave. Many times, we forget that we are capable of amazing things. But if we make the decision to stay focused and work our plans, then we can accomplish so many things. We just have to keep our eyes on the prize and that’s where so many of us go wrong. We get distracted. If there is a goal you are trying to reach, but having trouble, get focused again. If you have to set a new plan, set it. But do what you need to do until you reach it. Make your goals non-negotiable. If you find yourself doubting yourself, then keep going until you prove yourself wrong. 



I promise I’ll write more soon.


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