That One Time God Said Pray

Writing is stepping out of your comfort zone. Deep down inside we don't really want to tell anyone our business. We mainly just want to cover the surface and every now and again we'll feel a tug, or God, tell us to go deeper. The right thing to do is to be obedient and stretch into what's uncomfortable. The best thing we can hope for is that our obedience will be rewarded and someone, even if it's just one, will be touched by what we have to say. However, the enemy, Satan, can't just let us be great. Before we get started or while we're writing you may hear him saying things like, "Who is going to listen to you? What makes YOU think you're qualified to do any of this?" At that moment we are faced with two things. We can stop writing and give in to his voice or we can laugh at him and tell him to kick rocks. Let me tell you what I did....

Recently, I attended Bloom, the first Girls of Royalty conference. During the altar call, I was in tuned with the spirit that was heavy in the room however, I was minding my own business. Genesis Dorsey called for prayer warriors to come and pray for the three women who were at the alter. Immediately I was led to go and pray for one of them. I didn't even think about it. God said move and immediately I felt myself get up and walk to the front. That never happens. I'm never that obedient. God typically has to tell me more than once. On top of that, it makes me nervous to be front and center. I like for people to notice me but not a whole lot. Just say hi and keep it moving. At that moment, I wasn't even thinking about that. I was just thinking about praying for my sweet friend. 

So I'm up there praying. I had quickly asked God to speak thru me because I didn't know what to say. He did of course. I later found out that I said everything she needed to hear. While I was up there the Devil couldn't let God peacefully use me. I heard a voice say, "What are you? What makes you think you can pray for somebody? You don't even have your own life together!" Oh but the Devil is a liar. My life is together and God told me I could pray which automatically meant he would qualify me. Those were my combatting words. Satan was dismissed at that point. 

What would I have missed had I stayed seated?

Listening to Satan I would have missed the opportunity to help someone else let go of their burdens. I also would have missed my own blessing. While I was up there Genesis moved me to a separate place so that she could pray for me. At first, I'm thinking no. I wasn't up there for me. I was up there for someone else. So she said told me to move again. I told you God usually has to tell me twice. When I finally did move God spoke a heart-wrenching word through her. Ya'll!! I was in awe! All I can say right now is that life will never be the same. Had I not been obedient to being uncomfortable and praying for someone else, God couldn't tell me what I needed to hear!

Your obedience in your writing is for someone else but it is also for you!! So, whatever God is calling you to it! 

Britt Dior6 Comments