Writing Requires Silence

Every writer needs a quiet space. Actually, every person needs a quiet space but if you write you definitely need a quiet space. Writers pour so much of themselves into the world that they need a space where God can pour back into them. Yes, God feeds the spirit of those who are close to Him all day long but we need a space where we are His without distraction. A space that says, "God, I give you my full attention so that you may direct my mind." A space that allows God to tell us what our next direction is, what we should write about next. 

My quiet space is not a physical place. It is a mental place that I go to whenever I have the opportunity to escape from the busyness of the world around me. It is a state that I intentionally put my mind in so that I may be vulnerable but available to God. During this time, I set the atmosphere with whatever my soul is craving. Sometimes, it's soft music and other times its complete silence. Whatever I do, I make sure that I can hear and receive all that God wants to send my way. As a writer, my mind is constantly going. Everything around me provides me with some kind of inspiration for my work. Everything! But I cannot write about everything. That is not what I am called to do. I am called to write certain books, give certain advice, and to live a certain life. My amazing writing friend, you are called to do the same. 

I am a firm believer that your purpose is directly related to your work. Your creativity bleeds purpose. That is why I urge you to create a quiet space and go there often. You are one of a kind and your writings should be as well. If you do not go to a silent place of peace then you will find yourself aimlessly writing about any and everything. Sure it may seem fun. But think about this, who wants to follow someone without a plan? Nobody. Humans crave directions, especially those of us who have a hard time creating it ourselves. We look for other people to provide us with a sense of "this is the right way".

Since 2013, I have written and published 3 books. In that time I have also started about 4 different books. They all have some type of purpose attached to them and I may even revisit some of them during another season of my life. However, I didn't complete any of those projects because those books were not a part of God's plan for my 2013-2016. I started them because I was consumed in my season and I felt like I needed to write a whole book about it. All the while, God was urging me to sit quietly with him so that he may reveal my next move. I promise, when he did, the pages flowed like water. So again, I urge you to create a quiet space. That is where you will find your next move.

Britt DiorComment